The 2014 NMC Horizon Project Wiki-Thon Wiki

Welcome to the workspace for the first-ever NMC Horizon Project Wiki-Thon, an invitation-only Horizon Project online event. This wiki is where the members of the Wiki-Thon Expert Panel will engage in a dialog around the NMC's master list of trends, challenges, and technologies that the NMC tracks on an ongoing basis, with the express goal of considering (and ultimately identifying) possible gaps or omissions in those master lists. The new topics we identify in this process will guide the work of the enitre Horizon Project for the next year, and provides us with an invaluable quality control point.

Our work will take place from February 17-28, 2014. When we have finished, a special communiqué will go out to the global Horizon Project audience via all our networks and social media channels that will detail our work, its outcomes, and new topics that we identify, and invite public comment on the results.

What's New?

  • As of February 17th, 2014 the Wiki-Thon is underway!
  • The 2014 Wiki-Thon Panel of Experts has been selected. View the Panel of Experts.
  • Watch for more news here!

Project Timeline

Our work will move fairly quickly -- check here to see how the project will unfold.

The Wiki-Thon Resource Collection -- resources to guide our work

STATUS : The Expert Panel is reviewing these resources as part of their background research, adding comments and ideas. To facilitate deeper discussion if needed, the Expert Panel is marking their entries with their wiki signature.

Horizon Project Master Topics Lists

Horizon Project Readings and Press Clippings

The Wiki-Thon Discusssions -- the sandbox where we are doing our work

STATUS : The Expert Panel is actively entering responses to the questions listed below. Follow any of the links below to get started. all comments and suggestions are welcome -- and please remember tyo "sign" your entries with your "4-tildes" wiki signature, like this: - Larry Larry Feb 11, 2014

Additional Resources -- new information that may be germane to our decisions

The Expert Panel is continually monitoring the resources in this section, adding new ones as appropriate, to the Research Question discussions.

The 2014 Horizon Project Wiki-Thon Expert Panel – guiding our discovery and selection process

  • Meet the 2014 Horizon Project Wiki-Thon Expert Panel
  • Interested in serving on a future Horizon Project Advisory Board, or have someone to nominate? Let us know