About the NMC Horizon Project > 2014 Wiki-Thon

The NMC Horizon Project Wiki-Thon is a completely virtual dialog spread across the two week period of February 17-28. Our goal with this event is to refresh the NMC's master list of trends, challenges, and technologies that we track on an ongoing basis. The Panel of Experts help in identifying topics not yet on our radar will add considerable value to the NMC's efforts, across all of the 12-13 Horizon Project cycles we do each year.

At the end of this process, the NMC will distill all of the suggested topics and discussions here into a special communiqué that will highlight the outcomes of our work. All of the new topics that are listed will be attributed to those who contributed them, and of course, the new topics identified will become a central focus of the NMC Horizon Project research staff moving forward.

Any interested party is encouraged to participate in the Horizon Project, as users of and contributors to the wiki, or by using the project's hashtag on Twitter: #NMChz.