What is Tacit Intelligence?

Tacit intelligence refers to the intelligence that results from the data generated by the activities of many people over time. New and vast information stores are being created in real-time by thousands of people in the course of their daily activities through the patterns of their choices and actions. The data in these information stores allow the discovery of entirely new knowledge by capturing trillions of key clicks and decisions as people use the network in the course of their everyday lives. Companies such as Google and Facebook leverage this tacit data to continuously refine their search and advertisement results, better tailoring the resources and promotions that appear to each user. For example, if a user has previously visited websites to research new cars to buy, it is very likely that ads for cars will appear in their web searches and other websites they are browsing. Discovering and harnessing the intelligence in such data — revealed through analyses of patterns, correlations, and flows — is enabling more accurate predictions about people’s preferences and behaviors, and helping users understand and map relationships, and gauge the relative significance of ideas and events. The implications for education include more personalized learning experiences and opportunity for students, based on their study habits and interests. Add your comments - Sam Sam Feb 18, 2014